Your Chance To Join The Team That Changes Lives By Helping Thousands Of Men & Women Find Love

Are you dedicated to being the best in your field and part of a creative team, but also have dreams and passions you want to pursue outside of work?

What if you could achieve the work/life balance you’ve always wanted, all while knowing your job truly makes a positive difference in the lives of others?

Welcome to VIDA Select

Our Mission: We make finding love easy by creating better dates with higher-quality matches.

Our Vision: We believe passionately in the power of merging technology, data science, and highly personalized professional matchmaking to spark your next great relationship—because nothing is more important than finding the person you choose to spend your life with!

Our Core Values Define Who We Are:

We Are Relentless

We are honored to take part in such an incredibly personal aspect of our client’s lives, and our team of experts truly cares about helping them meet their dating goals. Client success is our number one focus! Each team member does their part to help every client refine their personal brand, attract the highest quality matches, and successfully navigate all the challenges of modern dating. From developing the technology that sets us apart in the industry to attracting the world-class talent that makes our service possible, customer satisfaction informs every decision we make.

We Are Transformative

We’ve seen firsthand how our service changes people’s lives when they trust in the process! Thousands of clients have left our service in a relationship, or with more confidence in their ability to navigate the modern dating scene. We believe in what we do and care deeply about supporting our clients every step of the way. The “warm fuzzy” feeling of helping people find love motivates and moves us. Everyone deserves a chance to find love - and there is a match out there for every single one of our clients.

We Aim For Excellence (In Every Experience)

Our service is designed to "wow" our customers, and we work hard to have the best reviews in the industry! With access to more matches than any other matchmaking company in the world, we can execute searches on a scale that greatly exceeds the reach of other matchmakers. Our pricing and pay-per-month structure stands out in an industry where exorbitant, long-term contracts are the norm. Our highly specialized experts go the extra mile to exceed expectations, actively solicit feedback to ensure continuous improvement, promptly deliver date opportunities and fairly resolve any issues. It’s how we set the new industry standard for customer experience excellence.

We Do The Right Thing

Integrity and accountability are essential for a healthy relationship, and we embrace that philosophy in our relationships with one another and with our clients. We do background checks on clients, carefully consider who we extend our service to, and then represent them accurately to the best of our ability. We are accountable for our actions and don’t shift blame to others. We believe in strength of character at all times, and make the hard choices for the greater good. Honesty and fairness guide all our decisions, and the quality of our reputation speaks for itself.

We Communicate Clearly And Proactively

As a remote company with a large team and client base spread all across the world, effective and reliable communication is essential. We encourage proactive, intentional and transparent communication both within the company and with our clients. “Difficult” conversations are a very important part of our work, and we encourage our team and our clients to always be honest in a constructive way. We strive to be empathetic communicators and consciously practice active listening. This fosters an environment where everyone feels heard, respected and valued.

We Can Do So Much More Together

Each and every team member plays an essential role in our customer experience and journey. Collaboration is the foundation upon which all of our processes are built! To ensure effective collaboration amongst our 11 departments, we emphasize a two-way flow of respectful, specific and descriptive feedback, have thorough processes that avoid redundancy, and focus our team so that their individual talents and strengths are recognized and utilized. This approach allows ideas to flourish, and helps everyone to work together seamlessly towards the best interest of our customers.

We Champion Each Other

We are all about elevating and empowering our team; we believe that when we build each other up, we all come out on top. We encourage new ideas, and take the time to recognize accomplishments and cheer each other on. VIDA’s leaders strive to boost confidence and promote autonomy within their teams, and our in-house life coach is on hand to help guide our members to be their best selves both personally and professionally. VIDA’s supportive growth mindset attracts people who are intelligent, curious and devoted to staying at the top of their game.

We Believe In Balance

We work hard, but it’s not all work and no play. We’ve been working remotely from all corners of the world since the company was founded in 2009. Our flexible work schedule and freedom to log in from anywhere makes it much easier to achieve that elusive ‘work/life balance’ in whatever way is meaningful for each team member. That could mean the freedom to spend more time with family, or to travel the world while still achieving a steady income. We believe our work should leave room for a life full of possibilities!

We Are High Tech

We are a tech company at our core, and that gives us a competitive advantage in the traditional matchmaking industry. Our team of developers, engineers, IT specialists, and data analysts are dedicated to ensuring the success of our searches. We are committed to constant tech innovation in areas such as AI and process automation so we can deliver better matches more quickly.


Application & Video

Candidates are asked to submit short videos along with their applications.


Skilled team members review applications and screen for a variety of criteria.


We conduct phone interviews to get to know you better.


Finalists may be asked to complete an assessment, in order to make the best hiring decision.


We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role.