Frequently Asked Questions

Let's face it. Dating can be difficult and stressful. Not only does it eat away at your time, but the competition is fierce. The right matchmaker knows how to catch the eye of your ideal woman, get her excited to meet you and arrange all the details for your date. And she’ll do it all for you without the hassle and frustration that often goes along with modern dating. Just sit back, relax, and let us find your perfect match for you.

Yes. A lot of women hire us too. To see how we can help you find your ideal man, check out our women's site here.

Yes, you could certainly handle some aspects of what we do all by yourself. But chances are you don’t have anywhere near VIDA’s wealth of expertise. You’re also not gonna have a team of highly-skilled matchmakers and data scientists working together to attract your best local matches.

Sure, you could take on all of the frustration, rejection, and lost time that usually go hand-in-hand with modern dating. Meeting the right woman on your own takes hours of personal effort each week. Singles on dating apps (a.k.a. most singles) spend an average of 12 hours a week swiping, chatting and trying to get a date set up.

You may notice how fiercely competitive modern dating has become. After all, attractive women in populated areas get hundreds of new interests every week!

You may also experience a persistent nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you your results could be so much better – if only you would have hired the experts in the first place.

Although this varies from client to client depending on their preferences, most men will be set up with 4 or more matches they've approved per month. While there's no minimum number of dates guaranteed since you have the ability to reject all of the matches we show you, our clients only renew our monthly service because they're excited about the results. And we obviously want you to continue until you meet someone special! On average, it just takes about 3 months for that to happen!

After working with more than 5,000 clients since 2009, we know it’s impossible to offer just a few predetermined packages. We work with highly unique clients who seek different results and each have their own idea of the perfect match.

Every customer pays the same price as the next for the best-suited package, but we need to learn more about your unique search before we can recommend the optimal option for you.

If you qualify for a confidential consultation, we’ll get to know you and what you're looking for before presenting the package we believe will best fit your needs.

What’s worse than showing up to a date and meeting someone who’s very different from what you expected? It’s our mission to make sure that never happens, at least not on our watch.

Here’s how we’ll make sure you’re always accurately represented in a way you can feel good about...

We begin with a 90 minute call where we really get to know you. We’ll assess your goals, interests, style and personality in depth so we have everything we need to create a profile that’s designed to attract your most compatible matches.

But before we even sit down to write your dating profile, you’ll be asked to review 6 writing styles we’ve found to be highly effective. You’ll select the style that best fits your personality so we can knock the first profile we present to you right out of the park.

In the case you feel something could be done differently to represent you better, we’ll happily edit your profile until you’re completely satisfied. After all, you’re gonna be the one going on the dates. That’s why your profile absolutely must be an accurate portrayal of who you are!

Thanks to our commitment to authenticity, 96% of clients “strongly agreed” we represented them accurately in our most recent customer satisfaction survey. We’re confident you’ll strongly agree too.

We know your privacy is extremely important to you and we’ll keep it closely guarded. Our entire team is bound by a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. We’ll never reveal your name, phone number, or any other personal information without your explicit permission.

Celebrities, politicians, billionaires and other discerning clientele for whom discretion is of the utmost importance have entrusted us with their searches.

We have a way to make your profile visible only to the matches you want to meet. Inquire about our “private profiles” service for more details about how we can ensure no one ever finds out you used a dating service.

Not unless you tell her. If you’re worried she may suspect someone else was involved, don’t be. Our commitment to representing you with total accuracy ensures she’ll get exactly what she was expecting.

No client has ever mentioned being called out on a date—except for a few who didn’t do the pre-date homework. It’s crucial to always make time to read the messages and skim her profile before your date. As long as you do that, the transition will be completely seamless.

And hypothetically, even if your date were to detect a slight difference, wouldn’t that just be normal? Most people aren’t exactly like they seem online.

We certainly do. We’ve helped thousands of clients in the UK  and Australia find their perfect matches... We've also assisted expats living in a number of cities like Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Mexico City, and Medellín with their searches. We can help you anywhere as long as it makes sense for us to speak to your matches in English. (Or in Spanish, we can do that too.)

Yes, we can set you up with dates in any decent-sized city in the world where it makes sense for us to write to your matches in English or Spanish. Just give us a week's notice before your trip and we can have a date set up for you when you arrive.

Yes, your dating accounts are yours; you’ll always have full access to them. You’re simply authorizing our temporary use of your accounts to find matches for you.

Want to see all of the communications that we’ve had with your matches? Just log in any time and it’s all there for you to see!

With VIDA, you'll have front-row tickets to the show. You'll see the best practices for setting up dates with highly compatible matches put into play by our team of experts.

If you decide to discontinue the service for any reason, the accounts and everything in them—including the profiles and messages—will remain yours to use as you please.

You’re guaranteed to like your matches because you’ll be the gatekeeper. You always have the final say on who you meet and who you don't.

We’ll generate interest from matches who check all of your boxes; you simply give us a thumbs up or down on each of our selections.

Occasionally, we’ll have a client ask if he can also search for matches himself, and that’s totally fine. If you ever want to do your own swiping on your favorite app or select women on a dating site for us to contact, just let your matchmaker know! She’ll be happy to set up dates with matches you find on your own.

While timelines can vary from client to client, we usually have your profiles set up within 10 days and have you on your first date about a week later.

There are a few approval steps that require your input along the way. Any delays on your end could impact the timing of your dates. This is why it’s very important that you always remain responsive to your matchmaker.

While our actual technology is proprietary, here’s what we can tell you: First, we authenticate your mobile apps within the private server we create for you. Then we set the GPS coordinates to your city so our geographic location coincides with yours. The remaining details are locked in a vault in a top-secret location, but we promise it works. 😉

After all, it’s completely normal for users to access their apps from multiple devices. We’ll just appear like another one of yours. We can even be logged in at the same time as you, thanks to our unique, cutting-edge technology.

According to our internal data, it takes an average of 12 first dates for our clients to meet someone special. This generally happens within 3 months, but it can happen much faster.

In fact, each and every month, we have a handful of clients who ask us to take down their profiles right after their very first date. While chemistry’s hard to predict, it’s totally possible to feel an undeniable connection with the first match you meet. Here at VIDA, it happens all the time!

Currently, 78% of our clients put their service on hold because they met someone they’d like to pursue more seriously… Or, in some cases, they have several options they’d like to explore.

Most of them never come back. They’re much more likely to send their single friends (or a wedding invitation) our way.

You have one single point of contact and that is your personal, dedicated matchmaker. She really gets to know you and you’ll communicate exclusively with her through a combination of emails, text messages and phone calls.

No, there are no cancellation fees or long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time and you won't be billed again.

That said, the secret to our continual growth has always relied on our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and receiving positive word of mouth.

Give us one month to prove how much your dating life can improve with a little “VIDA magic.” If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the matches we send you, you can discontinue with no further obligation.