It Takes An Incredible Team To Make Incredible Matches

These days, how do you even meet someone special without dating apps?

Maybe you've been set up by friends or perhaps even hired an expensive local matchmaker... only to be reminded of how much you hate being stuck on a long blind date with someone who's just not your type.

You've undoubtedly tried at least a couple dating apps, only to discover you're unable to attract the quality of matches you really want to meet.

That's why we've assembled a world-class team to fix your dating frustrations and find your ideal match!


Meet Your Dream Team Of Dedicated Matchmaking Experts Who Will Set You Up With Your Perfect Match:

  • ScottValdez-200

    Scott, Founder & CEO

    'The Visionary'

Scott is the Founder and President of VIDA Select. Since 2009, he's been hard at work taking VIDA Select's systems, strategies, and success rate to the next level. Recognized by the media as one of the world's foremost modern dating experts, helping people meet the partner of their dreams is Scott's greatest passion. He's even one of VIDA Select's countless success stories, having met his wife through the service in 2016!

Read more about his journey here

  • ally

    Ally, Director Of Matchmaking

    'The Soulmate Specialist'

A romantic at heart, Ally loves helping VIDA Select's clients find their soulmates. She's got a knack for predicting long-term compatibility, and is so good at matchmaking she oversees the entire department! During her tenure here at VIDA, she's personally created thousands of successful relationships.

  • guille

    Guille, Chief Data Officer

    'The Number Cruncher'

Guille is VIDA Select's resident data scientist. With a Master's in Big Data, he has done extensive work in a variety of industries, including tech, finance, education and now dating. His passion for crunching numbers and interpreting large datasets contributes to the soaring success rates that VIDA Select clients enjoy today.

  • Cat

    Cat, Chief Operating Officer

    'VIDA's OG'

Cat's love of creating successful matches brought her to VIDA back in 2010. She's worn many hats - from publicist to matchmaker to IT manager. Now, she focuses on recruiting the world's best talent, growing VIDA's teams, and shaping the company culture.


Maithreyi, HR Director

"The People Person"

Olivia, Director of IT, QA & Innovations

"The Technology Guru"

Stacy, Operations Manager

"The Hyper-Communicator"

Isabel, Scouting Manager

"Crafter Extraoirdinaire"

Jarred, Writing Department Manager

"The Scavenger Hunter"


Loren, Photo Department Manager

"The 4-Part Harmonizer"


Janet, Stylist

"The Retail Fashion Expert"


Savannah, Stylist

"The Fashion Obsessed One"

Alberto, Lead Dating Coach

"The Life Hacker"


Kat, Life & Career Coach

"The Insightful One"


Clester, Onboarding Coordinator

"The Logistics Queen"

Andie, Content Manager & Marketing Specialist

"Doer Of All The Things"

Ellie, Matchmaking Manager

"The Natural Empath"


Ioana, Matchmaking Manager

"The Introverted Extrovert"


Francesca, Matchmaker

"The Psychology Fan"


Briona, Matchmaker



Joyce, Matchmaker

"The Connector"


Tara, Matchmaker

"The Performer"


Shyne, Matchmaker

"The Mindful One"


Charlotte, Matchmaker

"The Creative One"


Shania, Matchmaker

"The Negotiator"


Kariz, Matchmaker

"The Intuitive Healer"


Busi, Matchmaker

"The Creative Introvert"


Ozora, Matchmaker

"The Artistic One"


Aeilar, Matchmaker

"The Entrepreneurial Model"


Julianna, Matchmaker

"The Lifelong Yogi"


Porsche, Matchmaker

"The World-Traveling Marathoner"


Lidia, Matchmaker

"The Scuba Diving Podcaster"


Cheney, Matchmaker

"The Empathetic Strategist"


Donna, Matchmaker



Robyn, Matchmaker

"The Road Tripper"


Abi, Matchmaker

"The Travel Addict"


Simmy, Matchmaker

"The Yoga Teacher"


Inga, Matchmaker

"The Metropolitan One"


Christina, Matchmaker

"The Historian"


Sindi, Matchmaker

"The Outdoors Adventurer"


Adam, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Health Nut"


Carolyn, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Motivator"


Laura, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Wellness Coach"


Kate, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Self-Development Guru"


Kyle, Matchmaking Advisor

"The Recording Artist"

Simeon, Photo Editor Team Lead

"The Natural Image Expert"

Oleg, Photo Analyst Team Lead & Editor

"The One Who Takes Portraits"


Austin, Photo Analyst

"The Digital Artist"


Joean, Photo Analyst

"The Marketing Whiz"


Martha, Photo Analyst

"The Brand Identity Expert"

Alexander, Profile Editor & Writing Team Lead

"The Intrepid Explorer"

Cam, Dating Specialist Team Lead

"The Unabashed Eccentric"

Andrew, Dating Specialist & HR Business Partner

"The Musician"

Ben, Dating Specialist

"The London Novelist"


Ed, Dating Specialist

"The Entrepreneur"


Saren, Dating Specialist

"The Wilderness Fanatic"


Kalen, Dating Specialist

"The Anthropologist"


Christopher, Dating Specialist

"The Storyteller"


Gabe, Dating Specialist

"The Musical Writer"


James, Dating Specialist

"The Creative Linguist"


Josh, Dating Specialist

"The Rock Star"


Kat, Dating Specialist

"The Insightful Author"


Jeremy, Dating Specialist

"The Prolific One"


Lisa, Dating Specialist

"The One Who Rescues Dogs"


Christopher, Dating Specialist

"The Cerebral One"


Nathan, Dating Specialist

"The Filmmaker"


Karen, Dating Specialist

"The City-Loving Country Girl"


Jayne, Dating Specialist

"The Holistic One"


Morni, Dating Specialist

"The One Who Motivates"


Orlagh, Dating Specialist

"The Script Writer"


Michelle, Profile Editor

"The Active Mama"

Carina, Profile Editor & Writer

"The Theatrical Clown"


Teresa, Profile Writer

"The Aspiring Author"


Alysha, Profile Writer

"The Aspiring Baker"


Andre, Profile Writer

"The Hip-Hop Artist"


Khadija, Profile Writer

"The Multi-Lingual Sushi Addict"


Jessa, Profile Writer

"The Creative Counselor"


Dariya, Profile Writer

"The One Who Loves Love"


Robert, Profile Writer

"The One Who Pens Short Stories"


Kim, Profile Writer

"The Spear Fishing Academic"


Felecia, Blog Writer

"The Mission-Focused One"


Kim, HR Team Lead

"The Mountaineer"

Judy, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Awesome Networker"


Grace, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Natural Helper"


Alphonse, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Fonzy 2.0"


Klarriz, HR Recruitment Associate



Mica, HR Recruitment Associate

"The Coffee Connoisseur"


Trexie, HR Business Associate

"The Aspiring Food Critic"

Fredy, Business Intelligence Developer

"The Techy One"


Imman, IT Developer & Support Specialist

"The Morning Person"


Jake, IT Support Specialist

"The Outdoorsy Tech Guy"


Alyssa, IT Support Specialist



Rachelle, IT Support Specialist

"The Explorer"


Maithreyi, HR Director

"The People Person"

Olivia, Director of IT, QA & Innovations

"The Technology Guru"

Stacy, Operations Manager

"The Hyper-Communicator"

Isabel, Scouting Manager

"Crafter Extraoirdinaire"

A Note From VIDA Select's Founder…

Hey, I'm Scott Valdez, Founder of VIDA Select.

It may be hard to believe that not long ago, many people thought meeting people online was kinda weird.

But boy how times have changed!

These days, two-thirds of US singles regularly use dating apps to expand their options, and millions of intelligent daters are now turning to the experts for help finding their ideal match.

As the creator of VIDA Select, I've had the fortune of being featured on HBO, The Today Show, BBC, GQ, and many other media giants. Although many were initially skeptical of my unconventional approach to matchmaking, they ultimately agreed VIDA Select was remarkably effective for finding lasting connections.

But here's what surprises most reporters and potential clients alike:


I never intended to create a modern matchmaking firm that would help over 10,000 clients find their perfect match.

After all, before starting VIDA in 2009, I was an overworked sales and marketing manager searching for love… And putting in 70+ hour work weeks at an ambitious startup wasn't exactly conducive to meeting my ideal match.

Hanging out in bars didn't yield many great prospects, my friends and coworkers only seemed to introduce me to the wrong types, and waiting for the universe to manifest my ideal woman was clearly just a pipe dream.

However, serendipity seemed to intervene when I discovered an ad for a prominent matchmaking service in the back of an in-flight magazine. Intrigued by the possibility of being set up with carefully-selected matches, I coughed up several thousand dollars-nearly my entire year-end bonus. Six months went by and I was only sent on a handful of blind dates with women who did not meet my expectations.

The general idea of matchmaking did make sense to me, and they gave me a few valuable dating insights. However, in the end, they didn't have matches in their rolodex that really fit my criteria… So I licked my wounds and shifted my search elsewhere.

In the early 2000s, dating sites like Match, POF, and OkCupid were steadily growing in popularity, which gave me access to more single women than all of the traditional matchmakers' databases combined.

But like you, I was never taught how to optimally present myself online in a dating context. I didn't know the right messages to send, and I was clueless about the exact steps needed to entice matches to meet up in person.

In fact, I vividly recall the first night I set up my POF account. After uploading a couple of photos and jotting down a few words in my profile, I proceeded to spend the entire evening writing personalized messages to 47 women who were just my type.

The next morning, I eagerly climbed out of bed to see which ones had responded. You can imagine my disappointment when I logged in to find that I hadn't received a single message back. I checked a few more times throughout the day before crawling back into bed feeling confused, frustrated, and depressed.

I knew lots of people had to be meeting online and I was determined to find success for myself. I spent the next 6 months meticulously testing everything to discover what worked and what didn't. I spent hundreds of hours on dating sites and created dozens of spreadsheets.

And after rigorous testing, I finally started getting dates with women I really enjoyed meeting rather than settling for those who didn't quite check my boxes. But between my heavy workload and the countless hours I was spending online, I just couldn't keep up.

I was swamped and online dating started to feel like a second full-time job! Who has time for that? I certainly didn't!

Then I had a crazy idea: Why couldn't an expert just do it all for me?

After placing several ads for this unique position, I found Mike, a gifted writer with a knack for online dating. I hired him to head up the search for my perfect match.

Mike worked tirelessly to fine-tune my system and the results improved even further. We cracked the code!

We discovered how to:

  • Create a profile that's irresistible to high-quality women.

  • Appear 3X more attractive in your photo lineup (even if you don't think you're conventionally good looking).

  • Get your most compatible matches hooked right from your opening line.

  • Keep your match engaged and excitedly responding to each message.

  • Ask her out in such a compelling way that "Yes" seems like the only answer that makes sense.

As a result, I started meeting more compatible women each week like clockwork. Mike even set me up with a woman I liked so much I deleted my profiles and started a relationship.

One night, while hanging out with friends, one of them asked how I managed to land such an amazing girl. A few beers later, I spilled my secret. My buddies laughed at first and said I must be joking. I assured them I wasn't. Then one of them asked, "Think Mike could find me someone like her too?"

They had all tried online dating and experienced the same dismal results most guys are all too familiar with. Only then did I realize how my crazy little idea could really help thousands meet their ideal match!

In 2009, I Founded VIDA Select.

It's Like Having An Army Of Dating Experts Working Around The Clock For You.

There's no other dating service out there with access to a bigger pool or better data!

For well over a decade, we've tested thousands of profiles and millions of messages. We know exactly what works to match you with highly-compatible women who are excited to meet you, too.

Ready To Meet Your Perfect Match? Here's What To Do Next…

Thousands of men have met their ideal partner within just a few months thanks to the VIDA Select team. If you’d like to become our next success story, click on the button below and let's see if we're a good fit to work together!

(It just takes 47 seconds to answer a few quick questions.)