Don’t Let Your Busy Life Get In The Way Of Finding Love...

5 Easy Steps to Meeting the Truly High-Quality Men You Deserve

See VIDA’s Founder, Scott Valdez, explaining the 5 steps on National TV.

Don’t Let Your Busy Life Get In The Way Of Finding Love...

5 Easy Steps to Meeting the Truly High-Quality Men You Deserve

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Getting To Know You

Before we can go out and find your ideal man we have to learn a lot about you!

That’s why the first step of our process is a phone call with your online matchmaker, a highly experienced expert who is fully dedicated to your success. It’s like having your own personal Cupid who’s always there, lining up new matches, lending an ear, and offering advice.

This initial phone call is:

  • Laid-back, relaxed and highly confidential.

  • Designed to bring out the most interesting facets of your life and personality.

  • Held when it’s most convenient for you. Evenings and weekends? No problem.

This confidential conversation enables us to select your perfect dating sites, and get started right away on crafting stunning text for your profiles.



Setting Up Your Dating Profiles

Your photos and profile form the foundation of everything we do moving forward. The setup needs to be executed to perfection. If you already have a dating profile, you’ll be seeing an extreme makeover.


Our experts will:

  • Hand pick the dating sites that best fit your individual needs, so you get more highly-compatible matches.

  • Craft a unique profile using our proven formula to capture the attention of the most eligible men online.

  • (Optional) Take professional photos of you at a time and location that’s convenient for you. Our unique approach to photography makes for natural-looking photos that instantly increase your attractiveness online.

  • Employ ten men from our team to determine your ideal photo lineup. Thanks to our data-driven photo selection process, you can be certain that “the real you” will be viewed in the most attractive light online.

  • If necessary, make extremely subtle Photoshop touch-ups to some or all of the photo selections.

  • Upload your photos, insert your profile text, and configure your accounts on the dating sites so we can get started on attracting high-quality men right away.


Selecting Matches You Want To Meet

While you go about making great things happen in your busy life, we’ll be busy making great dates come to you every week until you meet “the one.”

Here's the action plan:

  • We review the incoming messages, “winks,” and other signs of interest from men who couldn’t resist reaching out after seeing your compelling new profile.

  • We proactively sift through those replies and thousands of men’s profiles to find great matches who meet your criteria.

  • We weed out the duds based on your specific criteria and present you with only the candidates we know are good matches for you.

  • You can then review a few carefully selected matches and decide who you really want to meet.



Messaging Your Best Matches

Your ideal match is just a message away. It’s time for us to bridge that gap for you.

First, we respond to approved matches who have shown interest in you thanks to your sparkling new profile.

Next, it’s time to break the ice and fill your inbox with interest from even more attractive, eligible men.

If you’re feeling hesitant about us proactively messaging new users for you, that’s completely normal. Many of our female clients are not sure how they feel about this until they see our messages. They’re fun, lighthearted, short, and impossible not to like.


We just barely break the ice and then we let them chase you.

This is crucially important! You see, men LOVE it when women reach out to them. And, more than 8 out of 10 of our female clients find relationships because of these messages!

Here's the action plan:

  • Send you proven icebreaker messages to approve for us to use on your behalf.

  • Begin sending these approved messages and filling up your inbox with high-quality matches who are interested in meeting you.

  • Manage the back-and-forth conversation until each match suggests getting together. (If a great match is slow to ask you out, we’ll occasionally drop very subtle hints to encourage him to go for it.)

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Booking Your Dates

Our next task is to turn the approved men in your inbox into your next date.

Here's how it works:

  • With your approval, we work out the first date plans and/or give him your phone number.

  • We make sure you know everything that was communicated online to ensure a seamless transition when you meet him in person.

  • All you have to do is answer his call and/or show up to your date!

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